Chris Landon
Chris Landon Image Credit: insta/thechrislandon

Director Christopher Landon announced on social media that he has exited ‘Scream 7’ more than a month and a half ago, calling the project “a nightmare”.

“I guess now is as good a time as any to announce I formally exited ‘Scream 7’ weeks ago,” Landon wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The tweet further read: “This will disappoint some and delight others. It was a dream job that turned into a nightmare. And my heart did break for everyone involved. Everyone.”

“I have nothing more to add to the conversation other than I hope Wes’ legacy thrives and lifts above the din of a divided world,” he continued. “What he and Kevin (Williamson, who wrote the screenplay for Scream) created is something amazing and I was honoured to have even the briefest moment basking in their glow.”

Landon’s departure from ‘Scream 7’ comes one month after Melissa Barrera, who starred in the franchise's fifth and sixth installments, was fired from the movie after posting a series of messages on social media amidst the Israel-Hamas war.

Later, it was also reported that Jenna Ortega, who played Barrera’s onscreen younger sister, had also left the project due to a scheduling conflict.