Joan Collins
Joan Collins Image Credit: Instagram/joancollinsdbe

Veteran actress Joan Collins, who is best known for roles in the Oscar-nominated film, ‘The Virgin Queen’, ‘Seven Thieves’ as well as her roles in several iconic serials such as the ‘Man From Uncle’ and ‘Mission Impossible’ series, has said that she doesn’t use facial procedures as she is needle-phobic.

The 90-year old English actress and author told The Guardian about the skincare tips she lives by and revealed why she has never had any cosmetic procedures.

“I’ve had nothing done,” she told the outlet when complimented on her skin. “I couldn’t do all that. First of all, I’m needle-phobic. It was my mother who told me to moisturise and use night cream,” People magazine quoted her as saying.

‘The Dynasty’ actress noted that she also makes a point to stay out of the sun and has passed along the same tips to her daughters.

Collins has also had the same approach when it comes to fashion. In April, she showcased a stylish outfit on Instagram that was based on a 1980s Saint Laurent leather jacket she’d kept for years.

The post included photos in which Collins wore the jacket with a sheer black and white striped shirt, black pants, and knee-high boots.

She wrote in the caption: “Looking for the#wisteria which only blooms in the#spring, wearing @ysljacket from the #80s#shoppingmycloset …wait! Looks like #ahubby found it!”

Collins also explained that she does not believe in getting rid of old pieces of clothing.

The Golden Globe winner added that some of the items she received from the Italian fashion house founder include “a black leather jacket covered in big gold coins” and “a felt crossover skirt with a huge embroidered dragon on it.”