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It was perhaps expected that a season which had drawn polarised reactions from fans, and prompted an online petition demanding a remake, would have its finale scrutinized under a microscope.

After eight seasons, ’Game of Thrones’ finally drew to a close with a controversial outing that drew mixed reactions from fans of the fantasy epic.

“Only if the writers of the book had finished, we’d have gotten an amazing ending #GameOfThronesFinale,” wrote Twitter user Jeff Strongman.

“Seriously, I don’t know what was worse this finale or the Sopranos. #GameOfThronesFinale,” wrote Ronie Mercado.

[SPOILERS] The ‘lacksutre ending’ as described by one fan, saw the Iron Throne destroyed, Bran the Broken now ruling the six kingdoms, Sansa running her own independent reign in Winterfell, while Arya the Explorer sailing into the unknown.

While the three Stark children get their happy ending, Jon is banished to the Night’s Watch once again after ridding the world of the Mad Queen, where he meets up with the wildlings and gallops into the snow-filled vista.

“A man of the people deserves to be king. A man of true lineage, a man of courage… Jon Snow or Aegon Targaryen deserves to be the king of Westeroes, Not a Three-Eyed Raven,” said Dubai resident Bhavana Awasthi. “A seer can never be king.

"The cinematography of ‘Game of Thrones’ is impeccable. But conceptually, this season has been a damp squib. Ten years of investment of time and emotions seemed in vain thanks to the exile.”

Bhavana Awasthi

A man of the people deserves to be king. A man of true lineage, a man of courage… Jon Snow or Aegon Targaryen deserves to be the king of Westeroes, Not a Three-Eyed Raven...

“What was the point of spending years building up Jon's parentage reveal just for it to add nothing to the plot line,” said Dubai resident Ann Marshal. “This entire season has been on big reveals and grand moments that eventually led to nothing.”

“The makers gave the episode a logical ending, but it was absolutely heartbreaking to see what they did with it. For a show that has always been so unpredictable and well written to end like this is a crime. I could get over it if I knew this wasn’t the final season," said Ahmed El Seyed, a 33-year-old civil engineer from Egypt.

Ahmed El Sayed

I’ve also read the excuses people have been sharing on social media, but I refuse to accept them. There has been an incremental decrease in the writing quality for the series to fall off the cliff in the finale. It didn’t feel like I was watching ‘Game of Thrones’ but rather a ‘SNL’ sketch.

Fans were also vocal about the ‘anti-climatic’ death of Daenerys.

“Daenerys Targaryen deserved a better send off. We were robbed of one when Cersei Lannister was killed off as an afterthought and now Daenerys, who is not even allowed to put up a fight,” said Dubai resident Mark Fernandes.

However, amidst the outrage there are fans who took the middle line in their criticism.

“I knew going in that no matter what happens in this episode, people wouldn’t be happy considering the gathering resentment over the last three episodes,” said Jordanian national Joe Akkawi. “I’ve read the books, so I took a neutral approach when I saw the final episode and honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It was a clean send off for some of the characters."

Joe Akkawi

I even understood the poetic deaths given to Daenerys and Cersei, who died in the arms of their lover. But there were a lot of loose ends that needed to be explained – such as the Valanquor prophecy or the green-eyes one. I am hoping George RR Martin justifies it all in the books.”

“I actually liked the ending; it had to end like that, however... yes, it was a little anticlimactic. Now I just wanna read the books. #GameOfThronesFinale [sic],” wrote Twitter user Kleasby.

Bindu Ann Joseph

It was a realistic ending, in the sense that not everything ends happy with a neat bow. But I am disappointed in the way Jon was treated. I have mixed emotions right now.

“There were parts I liked, but overall just not good. Holes in the last episode alone. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen but I’m definitely disappointed #GameOfThronesFinale,” said Zatch.

The fantasy epic is based on the best selling book series by Martin, titled ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.

HBO is planning a prequel to show, which Martin has informally called ‘The Long Night’ on his blog, which is set thousands of years before the Iron Throne was forged and when the Age of Heroes is coming to an end.

Fans are now only hoping this spinoff could answer questions that Game of Thrones was unable to answer - including the backstory of the Night King.