Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra Image Credit: insta/carmenelectra

Former 'Baywatch' actress Carmen Electra sparked concern after she was photographed crying and looking distraught during a rare sighting around her house in Los Angeles.

In photos and a video obtained by Page Six, Carmen appeared exasperated while sitting hunched over the stoop of her home. The 51-year-old model and actress looked troubled as she took deep breaths, reports

At one point, the Playboy cover girl could be seen holding her hands up to her face while furrowing. It seemed like Carmen also cried as she appeared to wipe away her tears from her makeup-free face.

During the public meltdown, the 'Scary Movie' star looked casual in a Guns N' Roses graphic tee that she paired with camouflage cargo pants and black Adidas sneakers. As for her signature blond hair, she let it tied up into a very messy bun.

Despite that, her representative appeared to try to brush the concern off, telling the news outlet that there is "nothing to worry about." The rep further noted, "It looks like she had a migraine, and it's really hot out. The sun is basically in her eyes!"

Earlier this month, Carmen opened up about her venture on OnlyFans in an interview with Fox News Digital. "At first I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to do, but I really looked into it and I realised I could be my own boss," she shared. "I love being a part of OnlyFans because I shoot when I want to shoot. I have creative control of doing whatever I want to do."

Carmen then revealed one of her most requested photos from her millions of fans. "It's funny to me because I get a lot of requests for my feet, and it cracks me up," she said. "People want to see feet."

"There's just this wild obsession with feet. So, of course. Yes, OK, great; do you want to see my feet? I'll just grab my phone. That's what I like. I use my phone. I don't think anyone wants to see that super professional photos. They want to see you," she added. "So I'll just do a video of my feet and think of something … try to come up with different ideas of how you can show your feet, or ask them, 'How would you like to see my feet?' "