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Britney Spears’ personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery, is slamming the singer’s father Jamie Spears for claiming that she won’t allow him to communicate with his daughter or be involved in decisions related to her conservatorship, according to a report in People.

In documents filed in Los Angeles court Friday by Montgomery’s lawyer, the co-conservator condemns Britney’s father for placing the blame on Montgomery for the singer’s alleged treatment under her conservatorship, which came to light during Britney’s explosive June 23 court hearing.

“It is ironic that Mr Spears now wants the conservatorship to ‘reflect her wishes,’ since it is no secret that Ms. Spears has wished her father out of her life for years,” she claims in the document.

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Montgomery also alleges that Jamie has used “more than $2 million of his daughter’s money” to defend himself in an attempt to remain conservator of her estate.

Montgomery asserts in the filing that it is impossible for Jamie to be ignorant of his daughter’s life over the past 21 months (since Montgomery took over as conservator of her person), since “everything costs money.”

“No expenditures can happen without going through Mr. Spears,” she continues in the document, adding: “Not every requested expenditure has been approved, leading to some of the concerns raised by Ms. Spears on June 23, 2021.”

Last Wednesday, Montgomery also filed a petition for a third-party advocate to assist the pop star in selecting her own lawyer without having to undergo a medical evaluation, after her longtime court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham III asked the court to resign.

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In an image provided via Felicia Culotta, clockwise from top left: Lynne, Jamie, Britney, and her siblings Jamie Lynn and Bryan Spears at the Pepsi 400 Nascar race in 2001. Confidential court records obtained by The New York Times reveal that the singer has urged changes to the arrangement that controls her life, and her father’s role in leading it. (via Felicia Culotta via The New York Times) -- NO SALES; FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY WITH NYT STORY SPEARS CONSERVATORSHIP BY DAY, STARK AND COSCARELLI FOR JUNE 22, 2021. ALL OTHER USE PROHIBITED. -- Image Credit: NYT

Britney’s testimony last month has thrown the conservatorship into disarray. Both Jamie Spears and Montgomery have denied responsibility for many of the problems she complained about.

The conservatorship, which has been in place since 2008, is a form of court-appointed guardianship that has given a licensed conservator, a corporate fiduciary, and her father and others authority over her finances, medical treatment, personal life and career. The arrangement means the state has deemed her incapable of taking care of herself, even though she is able to perform at the highest levels of the entertainment industry.

The ‘Stronger’ singer told a Los Angeles judge that she had been forced to take the drug lithium against her will and was prohibited from marrying or removing a birth control device, and that she wanted the “abusive” conservatorship to end.

The next hearing in Spears’s case is scheduled for July 14, though it’s unclear how much that proceeding will address Spears’s testimony and request.