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US actor Brad Pitt in a file photo Image Credit: AFP

Brad Pitt has hinted that his acting career may be coming to an end, with the Hollywood star seemingly shifting his focus to his production company Plan B Entertainment to tell stories that are relevant.

In an in-depth interview with GQ, Pitt spoke about the impact he wants to make in Hollywood with a 30-year acting career behind him. “I consider myself on my last leg, this last semester or trimester. What is this section gonna be? And how do I wanna design that?”

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Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Once Upon a Time.. In Hollywood' Image Credit: IMDb

Pitt appears to be charting the future quite well with Plan B Entertainment focusing on stories that are pertinent in today’s society. The company’s latest production is titled ‘Women Talking’, an adaptation of Miriam Toews’s novel about a group of Mennonite women who unite against their rapists, directed by Sarah Polley. “It’s as profound a film as anything made this decade,” Pitt says.

His company is also bankrolling Joyce Carol Oates’s ‘Blonde’, a fictional biography of Marilyn Monroe’s life, directed by Andrew Dominik.

In the same interview, Pitt also spoke at length about ‘feeling alone’ while growing up and struggling with ‘low-grade depression’ for several years. “I think joy’s been a newer discovery, later in life. I was always moving with the currents, drifting in a way, and onto the next. I think I spent years with a low-grade depression, and it’s not until coming to terms with that, trying to embrace all sides of self — the beauty and the ugly — that I’ve been able to catch those moments of joy.”

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Brad Pitt in 'Bullet Train' Image Credit: IMDb

Meanwhile, fans will get to see Pitt, 58, return to the screen as well this summer with ‘Bullet Train’, out in the UAE on August 4. Directed by David Leitch, who played the actor’s stunt double in the 1999 cult film ‘Fight Club’, along with ‘Troy’ and ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’, the action-comedy stars Pitt as the assassin Ladybug, who is one of five killers aboard a fast-moving bullet train that are seemingly on separate missions that are connected somehow.

Sandra Bullock, Bad Bunny and Joey King also feature alongside Pitt in the movie.