Cameron Diaz and Jude Law
Cameron Diaz and Jude Law Image Credit: IMDb

Actress Cameron Diaz and her ‘The Holiday’ co-star Jude Law developed feelings for each other in real life during the shoot of the film.

‘The Holiday’ has made itself a nailed-on Christmas classic since it was released in 2006. The film stars Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods, and Kate Winslet in the role of Iris Simpkins. The festive romcom follows the two women after they swap homes for Christmas after having their hearts broken, reports ‘’.

Iris falls in love with Miles Dumont (Jack Black) in LA, while Amanda falls for Iris’ brother, Graham, played by Jude Law. The film follows both couples and their holiday romance.

At the time, both actors were single — Cameron had recently split with Justin Timberlake, while Jude had divorced Sienna Miller.

It was reported that the year after the film was released, Jude flew to America to spend time with Cameron.

A source at the time said: “Cameron and Jude became very close while working together, but now that friendship has turned into romance.”

The insider continued, “Jude plans to take her on a series of dinner dates this week and just spend some time hanging out. They had a lot of fun while making ‘The Holiday’ and this is the key to their relationship.”

But because of their recent break-ups, neither party wanted to commit.

The source added: “They’ve both been through heartbreak in the past and didn’t want to jump into anything too quickly.”

Their time together didn’t end there though. In 2011, more rumours circulated about them reconnecting, with a source telling Star magazine: “When Cameron was in London filming ‘Gambit’, she and Jude got in touch. Their love did not last long, trust and disappointments left their mark on their relationship.”

But they kept things casual, with the source adding: “They have great chemistry, and since they’re both free, they started hooking up. He’s just showing Cam a good time!”

Cameron made her feelings for Jude clear in an interview at the time, when she told the ‘Sunday Mirror’: “Everyone has a preconceived idea about Jude which does not correspond to reality. The character he plays in ‘The Holiday’ is very like him.”

“He’s charismatic, fun, open and charming. It’s very easy to fall in love with him,” she added.