Viral: Park Bo Gum returns to higher education
Viral: Park Bo Gum returns to higher education Image Credit: Twitter/@PloyVoranan

Imagine being in a university class, and the student sitting next to you turns out to be none other than the South Korean star Park Bo Gum. Fans of the actor studying at Sangmyung University in Seoul, Korea, were in for a surprise last week – they spotted the actor attending a Master's thesis workshop at the university.

Photos of the 29-year-old actor went viral over the weekend, after his classmates took to social media, to share various pictures featuring him, on April 21.

It looks like the actor was the centre of attention at the workshop, wearing a black cap and a casual white t-shirt.

Apparently, just a few days before the group photos went viral, students had been talking about a "handsome senior" at Sangmyung University, suspecting it to be the actor.

Viral photos show a person wearing a striped shirt, his face covered with a black face mask.

Bo Gum’s fan @sword061693 tweeted: “A graduate student who is famous for being a ‘handsome senior’ at the Sangmyung University campus turned out to be #ParkBoGum."

The actor was recently discharged from his official military responsibilities as part of the Korean navy.

According to South Korean entertainment website “He has since had a full-on schedule after traveling to Paris with BTS’ V and Blackpink’s Lisa for a Celine fashion show, hanging out with V at an art exhibition, and much more.”

While serving in the navy, it was announced that the actor would be studying for a master's degree in music at Sangmyung University. The actor previously graduated from Myongji University in Yongin, majoring in musical theatre, the article added.

Viral photos show that the actor took the time to get pictures not just with his classmates but also with his professors.

One of the viral photos showed Bo Gum engrossed in his writing while sitting in the lecture room.

Fans are applauding Bo Gum for his dedication to his studies. They were proud to see the sight of their beloved actor attending classes.

“I can’t wait to call him Dr Park Bo Gum one day. After masters go for PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and mentor your young fans,” wrote his fan @MwakigoWanji on Twitter.

Many were also moved to see that he was humble enough to interact with other students and had agreed to pose in pictures.

After finishing his enlistment, Park Bo Gum who was seen in K-drama series like Reply 1988, Record of Youth, Encounter, and Love in the Moonlight, will be seen next starring alongside a huge cast of fellow actors and actresses in the show Youth MT. He will also be part of a Netflix drama titled ‘You Have Done Well,’ with singer-songwriter and actor, Lee Ji-Eun, known popularly as IU.