BTS' Suga surprises Jimin during video call, leaves fans in splits
BTS' Suga surprises Jimin during video call, leaves fans in splits Image Credit: BTS BangtanTV

This weekend, a cute interaction between BTS member Jimin and Suga went viral on social media.

Jimin was holding an online meet and greet with fans when his fellow group member and rapper, Suga, surprised him by joining the call.

A two-minute clip of their playful interaction was shared with the Army on YouTube, going viral.

Just as Jimin was wrapping up the interaction with his fans, he had a last fan caller named ‘Jiyoon’. The ‘Like Crazy’ singer was surprised to see his bandmate Suga laughing on the other end of the video call. Both burst into laughter.

Suga, known for his wit, wasted no time in challenging Jimin to do the ‘Sorry for being cute’ challenge.

Jimin was up for it and quickly showed his rehearsed moves, only to be met with Suga's lighthearted criticism. So, Jimin asked Suga to do the challenge too.

Suga also revealed that Jimin’s successful online fan meet had inspired him to hold a similar event.

Suga joked: "I can't lose to Park Jimi.”

To which, Jimin replied: “You cannot lose to me?... You can't beat me at being an idol."

Suga quickly demanded a song: "Please sing me a song as I have just 10 seconds left." And, Jimin replied, "No, I won’t."

To this, Suga reverted, "Do anything. Please… This is going to be a controversy for bad attitude."

The call ended abruptly, leaving both BTS members amused.

Fans said that their comical banter had made their day.

BTS fan @MDelaCalzada tweeted: “Love when [they] joke around and have fun! #Jimin #Suga”

And @norlinkarim posted: “Made the mistake of trying to catch up on Bangtan content while sitting at a cafe… I burst out into uncontrollable laughter because of these two. I was sitting alone too!” she said with multiple laughing emojis.

Their surprise encounter follows a recent joint performance at Suga’s D-Day encore concert in Seoul, where they captivated fans with their rendition of Tony Montana.