BTS' Jungkook joins Suga during the D-Day concert
BTS' Jungkook joins Suga during the D-Day concert Image Credit: Bighit Official

BTS fans are ecstatic. Today their K-pop idol, Jungkook joined Suga as a special guest on the first day of his D-Day concert in Seoul.

The two idols performed together on stage, just as the Armys (BTS fans) have been speculating over the last few days.

After his successful world tour earlier in the year, Suga surprised fans when he announced three more days as August encore concerts for three days in Korea.

Called ‘D-Day The Final’, the concert that kicked off today (August 4) will be held in three shows at The Olympic Gymnastics Arena, also known as the KSPO Dome. It is an indoor arena located in the Olympic Park in Seoul.

Ahead of the concert, Armys were sure that Jungkook would make an appearance during one of the shows, as they had spotted the idol rehearsing ‘Seven’.

To add to the buzz, on August 3, Jungkook took to Weverse, an online community app for K-pop fans, to tease fans.

“See you tomorrow,” he wrote on Weverse.

When Suga was performing his song ‘Burn It’, Jungkook joined him on stage and performed alongside his Yoongi hyung (big brother).

Jungkook also performed his track ‘Seven’, which was an additional surprise for fans. While the 'golden maknae' (youngest member) of BTS has performed his solo single in front of fans in America and the UK, only a few Korean fans had the opportunity to see his live performance on the Inkigayo (Korean music TV show) stage.

Social media rumors say that other idols have also been spotted rehearsing. Does this mean that Suga is expected to bring more special guests over the coming two days? We will have to wait and watch…

Meanwhile, Armys had to stand up for their idol and call out the official Guinness World Records X (formerly Twitter) page to apologise to Jungkook.

Last week, a Jungkook fan account shared in a now-deleted post that the Guinness World Record for ‘Most Streamed Track on Spotify in a single week (male)’ was broken by Jungkook with his solo single ‘Seven (feat. Latto)’.

Guinness World Records replied, “Source plz (please)?”

Fans were quick to respond with proof.

Fan account @_RapperJK replied: “According to your website, Harry Styles had the record for biggest streams for a track in a single week for a male with 78.4M streams. Jungkook has just surpassed 89.7M streams in a week, according to Spotify.”

On August 2, Guinness World Records shared an article announcing that both BTS members Jimin and Jungkook achieved two new Guinness World Records each. So, Jungkook now holds the achievements of ‘most streamed track on Spotify in one week (male) with 89,748,171 streams million streams’ and ‘fastest time for a music track to reach 100 million streams on Spotify (male)’, according to the article.