Viral: J-hope shares live video before military training, Jimin shares a selfie with him
Viral: J-hope shares live video before military training, Jimin shares a selfie with him Image Credit: Weverse/Jimin and J-Hope

BTS rapper J-Hope is all set to enlist for military training soon. While BigHit Music and J-Hope have been tight-lipped about the exact enlistment date, latest social media posts by BTS members Jimin and Jin just dropped a hint as to when Jung Ho-seok (J-Hope’s Hangeul name) will be leaving.

On April 17, Jimin posted a selfie showing J-Hope's cropped hair before leaving for enlistment.

Jimin posted a selfie with J-Hope showing cropped hair.
Jimin posted a selfie with J-Hope showing cropped hair. Image Credit: Weverse/Jimin

The 29-year-old singer’s enlistment comes just months after Jin, 30, the oldest BTS member, began his military service in December.

Reacting to a Weverse post that J-Hope had dedicated to fellow bandmate Jimin, Jin wrote, “kekekekekeke D-1 (one day left)" along with a heart emoji.

While Jin’s cryptic countdown left fans in splits, many are unhappy that J-Hope will not be producing music until the end of his military duties.

On Saturday, April 1, BTS' agency Big Hit Music shared a new update regarding member J-Hope joining South Korea's military service.

"Hello. This is BIGHIT MUSIC. We thank all the fans for your continued support for BTS and would like to update you on J-Hope's enlistment into the military. J-Hope will fulfill his required time with the military by enlisting in the army. Please note that there will be no official event on the day of his entry," Big Hit Music said in the statement and asked its fans for their continued love and support for J-Hope until he completes his military service.

Meanwhile, BTS’ ‘Golden Maknae’ (the youngest member of the band), Jungkook changed his overseas plans, just to be with J-Hope before he leaves.

During a Weverse live that J-Hope had promised fans before leaving, he spoke about how Jungkook had returned to Seoul just in time to bid him farewell.

Despite his hectic schedule, the Euphoria singer returned home to meet his ‘hyung’ (older brother) before he enlists in the military.

BTS fan @Miin13Guk posted on Twitter: “This picture brings back the time in the past where Jungkook cried so much when J-hope wanted to leave the BTS... Now he is crying for Hobi (another reference for J-Hope) is going to military for 18 months... He is such a baby and he is the baby of his hyung…”

BTS fans are feeling bittersweet as they prepare to say goodbye to J-Hope. The singer’s live broadcast before leaving for his enlistment was filled with many emotional moments.

The singer read messages from ARMYs (fans of BTS) and expressed gratitude for their support. He also reassured them that he will return safely.

On a sidenote, Weverse fans also pointed out that they could hear a cat meowing in the background of J-Hope’s live broadcast. The mystery grew when the ARMYs started discussing that lately, most BTS live videos had cat noises in the background.

“We need an investigation thread on the cat noises we’ve been hearing in the background of BTS live streams,” wrote @fairytaegis.