Fans wonder if BTS' RM is hinting at military enlistment soon
Fans wonder if BTS' RM is hinting at military enlistment soon Image Credit: Instagram/RM

A recent Weverse post by K-pop star and BTS member, Kim Nam-joon, more popularly known as RM, has left fans wondering if he is hinting at his military enlistment.

On Friday, the singer took to the online K-pop fan community, Weverse, to share a personal update about his life with his fans.

According to entertainment news website reports and translations shared on Twitter by BTS fans, RM wrote: "Hello everyone. It's been a while. Are you doing alright? I'm doing alright, in every single detailed aspect of life. I've been putting forth the effort to ceaselessly live in the present.

“These days, I'm discovering more about who I am. Sometimes, there are words I want to say that endlessly spring up, but then I would soon forget them.”

Talking about BTS completing 10 years in June, he added: “The 10-year mark since we came out into the world is in front of our noses. How are you guys? Will you be okay? Sometimes, no, actually, I'm often curious.

“About your regards, thoughts, sadness, hope, and despair, what you believe in now, what you want to believe in, what you are chasing. Whether you're feeling the season well or not. Just as I said several times before, it's getting harder and harder to open my mouth (to say something). I'm not too sure. I just believe that I'm learning about the value of silence as I become an adult.

“There are times when a lot of things are sad but turn happy. There are times when I'm happy and then turn endlessly sad. There are times I get embarrassed while watching videos of what I said before. There are things that I hardly remember, that have become faint that make me feel sad, empty, and strange. Sometimes I'm confident and then I'm not.”

Fans thought he was hinting at his military enlistment when he added: “I guess I just want to be like this. To be honest, I am curious and a bit scared about what it'll be like when I go and come back. Time flies and everything changes. I will change too."

Fans immediately took to the comments section and Twitter to wish the singer well.

BTS fan @Dallin2340 tweeted: “I'll never forget you RM! None of you! Armys (BTS fans) have a lot of work to do while you all are in the military! We are your support… We'll make sure no one forgets!”

Another fan, @FERNANDAYENNIF1 wrote to other fans: “Hi Army, l read what RM wrote and was left with sadness… It’s as if it were a farewell because he is going to go to military service …”

However, neither RM nor BTS’ label Hybe has confirmed his military enlistment date.

Here’s the translation for the rest of the note, according to the South Korean entertainment news website

"I don't want to irresponsibly ask and beg for everyone's love. Rather than wandering in search of love, if I put forth the effort to become the manifestation of love, I believe that love will naturally come.

“It's almost our tenth anniversary. It's sad that there are things that become more difficult with time, as dust begins to build over our hearts. But in a sense, I guess that is the weight of our hearts. It also means that's how much we shared. I'll be thankful for the small things in daily life, reminiscing what was part of me. As always, I'll be fine.

“You probably have had many times of difficulty. It may have been painful, but please be well. I'll be curious from time to time, often.

“I guess my writing and letter is a way for me to express my love for you all, depending on the time. Just as I am now. Be careful of the rain! And be careful of the flu! I'll come by again when you're about to forget. Be healthy!”