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‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ by Richard Bach is the story of a seagull and his flight to reality. The deep desire to go beyond and attain the unknown compels Jonathan to rise above the routine life and seek the truth. He pursues his flight to freedom and is declared an outcaste among his flock.

Saddened yet unable to forsake his dream, the seagull isolates himself and with great persistence and perseverance finally attains his goal. The story revolves around deep philosophical facts, which the author subtly underlines without directly proclaiming the truths of life.

The flight to freedom and beyond inspired me to stand up to my ideals and my aims courageously. Pursuing my dream even though it was not what was expected of me and holding on to ideals that hold true to my soul, I have been flying towards the flight to freedom and reality. It looks like a course that is away from the regular outlined one and yet it beckons the seeker who wants a taste of the ultimate realities of life, death and beyond.

Not following the herd and stepping away to walk towards my dream even before I knew exactly what I desired, made me relate to Jonathan in the story. Deep down we all know who we are and yet we coat ourselves in layers of false images. The race to not be part of the crowd but towards breaking all limitations and realising one’s own potential requires courage and at times a mentor.

The walk feels lonely... the path not crowded... yet that’s the only way to experience and discover my true potential.

— The reader is a writer based in Abu Dhabi.