Indian Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna attends the 2014 Vogue Beauty Awards in Mumbai on July 22, 2014. Image Credit: AFP

Anita Advani, Bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna’s companion during his last years, is still waiting to get her hands on a copy of the actor’s will as ordered by the Bombay High Court recently. She wonders what the actor’s family is hiding from her.

On July 30, the Bombay High Court ordered that Anita can be given a copy of the will whose veracity she has disputed.

Khanna’s elder daughter Twinkle Khanna, from wife Dimple Kapadia, challenged the order favouring Advani.

Reacting to this, Advani said: “I was supposed to get a copy of his will the very same day when we won the case...I don’t know what are they hiding from me and not letting me have a look at it. It’s very fishy. They knew I will be benefited. I was his live-in partner and I have all the rights.”

Advani plans to challenge the order. “I will fight for this and we are going to challenge the order and file a petition for revocation of the probate of Kaka-ji’s [Rajesh Khanna’s] will.”

Khanna died on July 18, 2012, leaving behind a will in which he had named his daughters Twinkle and Rinkie his legal heirs, and the former as his will’s executrix.