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Indian Bollywood actress Sunny Leone poses for photographs during the launch of the fashion brand platform called 'India Licensing Expo 2019' in Mumbai on July 8, 2019. / AFP / Sujit Jaiswal Image Credit: AFP

Actress Sunny Leone who has immense fan following on social media platforms has said she does not get bothered by trolls.

“I feel being a celebrity, we get trolled every day but I don’t necessarily get bothered by trolls. I wear clothes of my own choice. When I feel like wearing T-shirt and jeans or a sweatshirt, I wear it so, I wear what makes feel good at that moment.”

Talking about her upcoming film projects, Leone said: “I am part of ‘Arjun Patiala’ and also doing a film called ‘Coca Cola’ which would be hopefully released this year.”

Asked if she is keen to produce a film in Bollywood, she said: “Yes... now, we have a good story and we have set up our production team so, once we will finalise the dates, we will start shooting the film.”

Leone had earlier launched her cosmetic brand ‘StarStruck by Sunny Leone’ and now, she has launched her own lingerie brand called ‘Infamous’.

Asked how she sees herself as a businesswoman, she said: “I like to think that I am very good but my husband [Daniel Weber] is better. I feel both of us do very different kind of things for our business but we do it to attain same goals. Our outcome and goals are always the same so, I like to think that I am a pretty good businesswoman.”