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Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has hit back at claims that she adopted her daughter Nisha for the sake of publicity.

In a recent interview with DNA, Leone hit back at trolls for questioning her skills as a parent, while calling them ‘childish’ and their accusations ‘ridiculous’.

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Daniel Weber and Sunny Leone with their three children, Nisha, Noah and Asher Image Credit:

The outburst stems from a video shot by the paparazzi in January, where Leone is seen walking down the stairs with her three children — Nisha, Noah, and Asher. In the video, Leone is holding the hands of her two sons while Nisha was spotted coming down the stairs on her own. This led to some chatter on social media with several people accusing the actress and her husband Daniel Weber of not paying enough attention to their adopted child Nisha.

Leone didn’t take this accusation sitting down in her interview. “I think that the person who wrote that is someone who is not a part of my daily life. I don’t need one picture to dictate my parenting to my children and someone to judge me based on one picture. How about you live your life in my shoes for at least five minutes before you sit and judge me, my kids and my family and my parenting skills and me loving one over the other! I mean, come on it’s ridiculous, it’s childish,” she said.

Leone and Weber adopted Nisha in 2017, and the following year, became parents to their twin boys through surrogacy.

Sunny Leone's children Nisha, Asher and Noah
Sunny Leone's children Nisha, Asher and Noah Image Credit:

This isn’t the first time the couple have been subjected to such trolling. “Any parent knows what it takes to raise a child or even multiple children. So, to the commenters out there, grow up. That’s what I would say,” Leone added.

In the past, Weber has also slammed comments that Nisha wasn’t being treated well. “She is the princess of my house. It’s absurd that people have such thinking,” he had told Bollywood Life.