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Bollywood actress and former adult film star Sunny Leone adopted an ambivalent stand on Wednesday morning in Dubai when asked about the burgeoning #MeToo movement in the Hindi entertainment industry. She distanced herself from the topic by claiming that her focus is on building her own life.

“If you work in the entertainment industry and you put in your time, then you can naturally ask for different things. Personally, I don’t believe in comparing me to anyone else or their issues… I worry about myself, I worry about how I want to run my business and I don’t compare myself to anybody out there,” Leone told reporters.

She added that her life is consumed by her wanting to raise her family well.

“How am I going to feed my family or how [are] my husband [and] I are working towards raising our children,” said Leone.

She was in the UAE for the Concept Big Brands Carnival (CBBC) 2018 to launch her “baby”, her own line of cosmetic products including lipsticks for this festive season.

“StarStruck By Sunny Leone is something that my husband and I are passionate about… I tested everything and wore it for a while before putting it out there … We gauged every formula in it. This brand is me,” said Leone.

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