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Actress Shweta Tripathi will be seen in a short film tentatively titled ‘Cheater’.

The film is being directed by Nikhil Mehrotra, who has been credited as the writer of ‘Dangal’ as well as ‘Chhichhore’.

‘Cheater’, which is set in Patna, will tell the story of Shruti who is about to getting married. But she is faced with an unusual problem — her bed-wetting issue gets triggered again two days before her wedding. She wants to bring it up to her in-laws to be. Her conscience, however, doesn’t stand a chance in front of pressures from her family.

Talking about the project, Tripathi said: “When Nikhil came with the idea, I was instantly drawn to it. As soon as he gave the narration, there wasn’t an ounce of doubt. During the narration, I knew I was on for the film. The subject is so simple and I love doing characters that are so far removed from who I am as a person. I find it exciting to live more lives. Right after the narration, I told Nikhil that I am doing it.

“I am always on the lookout for novel content and this was such a fresh lookout, told with wit and humour. Moreover, I want to defy the ideas of how a woman should behave and act. Socially, we create a flawless imagery of women and it’s high time we smash these and depict a more authentic portrayal.”