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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Image Credit: IANS

Actor Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput have invested in Indian yoga and wellness startup Sarva, joining Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in the venture.

The list of global investors in Sarva, spearheaded by yogi-turned-entrepreneur Sarvesh Shashi, also includes Malaika Arora.

“My personal journey with fitness and wellness began over two decades ago when I was a fresh-faced teenager,” Kapoor said in a statement.

“Over the years, I’ve witnessed the benefits of fitness and holistic living first-hand, so when I met Sarvesh, we could instantly connect to his vision for Sarva.”

He said that as a couple, he and Rajput want to work towards improving the quality of life for people who are grappling with stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and obesity.

Rajput said she has always believed in conscious living through food, lifestyle and wellness.

“Whether it’s being mindful about what one eats, the kind of exercise the body needs through the different phases in one’s life, or the thoughts we manifest, the mind-body-soul connection is key,” she said.

“For the last few years, I’d been toying with the idea of backing ideas and ventures which I felt strongly passionate about. With Sarvesh, what started as a casual meet-up, orchestrated through a dear friend, quickly turned into a conversation of how we could jointly spread the message of yoga-based wellness to everybody,” she said.

Sarva aims to have 500 brick and mortar studios by 2022. It is also betting big on its soon to be launched bouquet of digital offerings.

Shashi, CEO and Co-Founder, Sarva, welcomed the couple on board, saying their support is a testament of their faith in the startup’s vision.