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Suhana Khan Image Credit: IANS

The moment that fans have eagerly been waiting for has arrived with the first teaser of Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan’s acting debut making its way to social media.

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Suhana, who is currently at film school in New York University, has made her on-screen appearance in a short film called ‘The Grey Part of Blue’.

While details about the short are still under wraps, fans first learned of Suhana’s attachment to the project after a poster of the film dropped on Instagram by Theodore Gimeno, who is writing and directing it. The poster features Suhana’s name as one of the cast members, along with Robin Gonnella, who is seen with her in the film’s teaser.

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The clip, which was posted on September 29 on Gimeno’s Instagram account, is sans dialogue but features Suhana and Gonnella driving down empty country roads while deep in conversation. At one point the scene cuts to the two actors seated on a park bench, having an animated chat, with music by Ols Davis adding to the somber mood.

In a post with the video, Gimeno mentions a release date for the short has yet to be set.

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“Dear all, here I present for the first time some of the visuals for my upcoming short film ‘The Grey Part of Blue’. The film itself is basically complete but I am not yet sure of the date of release, so stay tuned for that. I want to thank all of you for the continued support this past year, it’s truly been surreal. Until then, I hope you enjoy this little teaser!,” he posted.

Suhana’s aspirations to graduate into Bollywood have not been hidden. The 19-year-old told Vogue India in 2018 that she was dead certain of her career choice.

“I don’t think there was any one moment when I decided. Since I was young, I’d do all these accents and impressions. But my parents only realised I was serious about acting when they saw a performance of mine for the first time. I was playing Miranda in a school performance of ‘The Tempest’,” Suhana told Vogue India at the time.

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In the same interview, Suhana’s father Shah Rukh spoke about his duaghter’s move into Bollywood as well.

“Suhana’s not working towards a promise of being cast, she’s working towards being an actor, and she knows that,” he said. “We have friends who are very well-meaning and think of my kids as their own, and they’re all happy and keen to launch her. Like Karan [Johar]. But I keep insisting that I don’t want them designed as stars, I want them to be launched when they are good-enough actors.”

Looks like Suhana is well on her way to make that happen.