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Singer Kanika Kapoor. Image Credit: IANS

She got instant recognition for her song ‘Jugni Ji’ in 2012 and there has been no stopping her since. Singer Kanika Kapoor has wooed the audience with her sultry voice in power-packed hits such as ‘Baby Doll’, ‘Lovely’, ‘Chhil Gaye Naina’ and ‘Desi Look’.

“It was quite a struggle to start with. When I came to Mumbai I didn’t know anyone and I wasn’t aware how it all works in the industry. I gradually found my way and my whole concentration was on creating music and doing the best that I could and I can,” said Kapoor.

Is Bollywood a tough place for female singers?

Pat comes the reply: “Yes, Bollywood is a tough place for anything.”

Seven years in the industry, the successful crooner is still brimming with ambition.

“My ambition is to collaborate with several artists around the world,” she said, adding that she is “very happy with my career right now”.

Her road to success was not easy. Kapoor always aspired to pursue a career in singing, but she married a businessman in 1997 when she was just 18 and moved to London, where she gave birth to three children.

After her divorce in 2012, she relocated to Mumbai to become a singer.

“I was a young girl and proud to be a mother. Every girl should be proud of who she is. Being a mother is a natural phenomenon and being a mother shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams or doing something that you love to do. It was difficult but I am proud of all of it,” she said.

Before showcasing her vocal prowess in Bollywood, Kapoor was a social influencer in London and it was her hit ‘Jugni Ji’ which served as a stepping stone in the Hindi film industry for her.

“I was a social influencer while I was in London. I am a musical artist. And I will always be a singer first. I had a YouTube hit in 2012 — ‘Jugni ji’ — and that was my stepping stone in Bollywood playback singing. Ekta Kapoor loved the song and gave me the opportunity to croon ‘Baby Doll’ in ‘Ragini MMS 2’. After that, there was no looking back,” Kapoor said.