Huma Qureshi Tarla Dalal edit-1655210065954
Huma Qureshi as Tarla Dalal Image Credit: Supplied

Huma Qureshi, who is set to essay the role of India’s first home chef — Tarla Dalal — in the latter’s biopic ‘Tarla’, recently recollected her meeting with the late culinary artiste’s children, Sanjay and Renu.

“The one thing I will remember the most from the shoot is when Tarlaji’s children, who are now grandparents themselves, visited me on the set. They got emotional on seeing (parts of the film), and complimented me for doing the role with conviction. It was a surreal moment,” Qureshi said.

Getting the nod of the Dalal kids was a big validation for the actress. Qureshi also shared that the late chef’s kids, who have imbibed the culinary skills from their mother, also showered their love by sending special meals cooked by them. “They used to send food for me on the set. I must say their cheese platter was out of this world,” Qureshi added.

In the movie, Qureshi will be seen sporting buck teeth and glasses to resemble Dalal. She also stated that she has watched hours of footage to pick up the famed cook’s accent and mannerisms.

“As artistes, the endeavour is to capture the vibe and charisma of the person. Little nuances like how she conducted herself and how she spoke on camera had to be woven into the performance,” the actress added.