Sonu Sood Image Credit: IANS

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood on Thursday revealed that he will open the doors of his hotel in Juhu, Mumbai, for healthcare workers.

“Ever since I read the news that healthcare workers — who are putting their lives at risk while doing their job — are not being allowed to return to their buildings or being assaulted, this idea to help them out sprung up. They risk their lives and leave their families on a daily basis, so opening my hotel to them would reduce their risks and the time of commute,” said Sood in an exclusive interview with Gulf News.

Recently, news emerged that medical professionals like nurses and doctors were facing resistance from their neighbours when they returned to their homes. Neighbours feared that they are carriers of the coronavirus and were trying to keep them out of the building.

But Sood wasn’t going to hear any of it. He added that there are several hospitals in Mumbai’s Juhu locality and the medical professionals can use his hotel, Shakti Sagar, in that specific area to sleep in or take a break.

“They can help more people because they also save time by not commuting from hospitals to home. This is a lesson that everyone can be heroes in their own right during the time of coronavirus outbreak … They take care of us, now it is our turn to take care of them,” added Sood.

The actor in a statement also said: “In tough times that we have been living and to support the national heroies who have been working tirelessly day and night, I open my hotel in Juhu for all the health care workers.”

Sood, who has filmed in Dubai with Jackie Chan and is a regular visitor to the UAE, added that this gesture of kindness was the least he could do towards these ‘national heroes’ who are battling tough times in their line of work.

The actor also encouraged everyone to stand united in the fight against coronavirus.