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Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who has been hailed as a real-life superhero on account of his humanitarian work involving thousands of migrant Indian labourers during the COVID-19 outbreak, has slammed rumours that he is harbouring political ambitions.

His good deeds are not a foundation to build a career in Indian politics, or a stepping stone for him to join the BJP, the actor said.

“I have no interest in politics. I have been offered to join politics, but I am not even interested in it even one per cent. I am very happy being an actor. I am doing very well for myself in the acting profession. I am not going to join politics,” said Sood in an exclusive interview with Gulf News.

Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood Image Credit: Supplied

Sood is emerging as Bollywood’s most active celebrities in helping thousands of migrant workers reach their native states in India. The Happy New Year actor ensured that private buses carting poor migrant labourers in Maharashtra was arranged at a time when thousands were walking to their villages, starving.

The actor also shot down allegation that his charitable works were running smoothly and bolstered by the support he’s getting from the BJP.

“Every state has different governments and we are seeking permissions from each state ... These allegations are not upsetting me. All I care is that people are calling me from everywhere and thanking me. That’s my biggest gift. I have no interest in joining politics,” said Sood.

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Mumbai: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood while sending off migrants to their native places by buses, amid COVID-19 lockdown at Wadala TT police station in Mumbai, Saturday, May 23, 2020. (PTI Photo)(PTI23-05-2020_000270B) Image Credit: PTI

Even in the UAE, there are stranded Indians who are seeking Sood’s help by tweeting to him on social media. The actor has also set up a toll free number to streamline the distress calls.

“I haven’t slept for four days ... Each hour that I sleep means that I miss out on those needing my help,” said Sood. The night before he had sent 1,000 migrants to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar by train from Thane station.

Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood Image Credit: Supplied

The ‘Simmba’ actor has stepped up in a robust way to help thousands of migrant labourers who are jobless and starving by arranging transport and food for them.

His humanitarian work has put him in the spotlight as India hails him as the new ‘superhero’ from reel-life.

Sood also met with the governor of Maharashtra recently, fuelling reports that he intends to join politics.

But the actor maintained that the meeting was a good will gesture directed at appreciating Sood’s untiring efforts.