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As tensions between India and Pakistan continue over Kashmir, legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan threw his weight behind Indian soldiers calling them “bravehearts that stand and fight to save and protect us”.

“Before starting any activity related to the promotions of my film ‘Badla’, I wish to pay my condolences and respects to our bravehearts that sacrificed their lives in Pulwama, and those bravehearts that stand and fight to save and protect us,” said Bachchan over an email interview.

The grim mood was also reflected in his responses related to his new suspense film in which he plays a criminal lawyer representing a murder accused (Taapsee Pannu).

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The 77-year-old icon kept his responses clipped. While he is chatty in his blogs, this interview over email has a different story to tell.

“‘Badla’ is a suspense thriller and I play a lawyer employed to protect and represent a murder accused,” said Bachchan about his latest role. He re-unites with his ‘Pink’ co-star Pannu for the second time in his career.

Excerpts from our succinct interview with an actor who has constantly reinvented himself with roles that surprise and amaze us ...

Q: Was it a grey topic such as infidelity that attracted you to ‘Badla’?

A: It was the entire structure of the story that appealed to me.

Q: You play a lawyer who is on call to defend a woman who has been accused of murder. In a hypothetical situation, do you think murdering someone is justified?

A: It would be incorrect of me to respond to a hypothetical situation.

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Q: Have you seen the original ‘The Invisible Guest’ and if yes, what did you take away from it?

A: No, I have not seen the original.

Q: Taapsee Pannu and you seem to enjoy this great on-screen connect, what have you observed about her as an actress and a human being?

A: She is a comprehensive and a very competent artist. It has been a joy to be working with her.

Q: How would you describe Sujoy Ghosh’s directing style?

A: He is a very intelligent and a perceptive mind and he brings all of that to his creativity.

Q: What is the most challenging part about being in a whodunit/courtroom drama like ‘Badla’?

A: To get your lines right and to remember your dialogues.

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Q: Do you believe in the adage that revenge is a dessert best served cold?

A: In the context of the story of ‘Badla’, that would be appropriate.

Q: How do you keep your interest and passion in your acting job alive?

A: If I profess to be a professional, that is what is expected of me. Any professional would be expected to be similar, would he or she not?

Q: You don’t seem to have slowed down since you have interesting projects lined up. Have you ever considered taking it easy or dare I say, retire?

A: No, I did it once and regret making that decision of taking a break.

Q: What kind of a cinematic moment are we having in Bollywood right now?

A. We are competent, creative, innovative, inventive and the best in the world and we have been thus since our inception over a 100 years ago.

Q: Out of all the thrillers you have seen, which ones have left a lasting impression on you and why?

A: There shall be several and remembering them here would be a test to my memory — I am 77 years old now, but they have all been leaving a lasting impression.

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‘Badla’ is out in the UAE on March 8.