K-pop girl group Blackpink topped 10 billion streams on Spotify, becoming the first girl group in history to achieve such a feat.
K-pop girl group Blackpink. Image Credit: Jisoo/Instagram

This week, the South Korean girl group Blackpink finally completed their global 'Born Pink' tour.

Representatives of the group’s label YG Entertainment announced on September 20, that the tour drew an impressive crowd of 1.8 million fans. Along with their Coachella performance, one of the biggest global annual music and arts festival held in California, the total number of people who attending their concerts was 2.11 million.

The band visited 34 cities worldwide and did a total of 66 shows over a year as the K-pop girl group with the largest-ever concert audience.

According to the agency, the ‘Born Pink’ tour kicked off in Seoul in October, rousing 55,000 fans.

It then witnessed massive turnouts across continents. In North America, it enticed a staggering 540,000 music enthusiasts, whereas 215,000 people attended in Europe, and another 55,000 in Australia. The Asian leg of the tour alone garnered a whopping 900,000 attendees. Additionally, the tour drew in 50,000 from Australia and 40,000 from the Middle East, demonstrating the group's global appeal.

A two-day encore concert held on Saturday and Sunday at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro District, western Seoul, marked the end of the girl group's historic world tour that lasted just under a year.

“It’s a very special day today […] We are finally holding our second concert [of ‘Born Pink’] in Seoul, almost a year after we started the tour back in Seoul; I’m so happy and pleased,” Rosé said after the group opened the show with their hit song ‘Pink Venom’.

The tour wasn’t always smooth sailing. According to koreajoongangdaily.com, Jisoo was unable to attend the group’s Osaka performance in June after contracting Covid-19, while Jennie left early during a performance in Melbourne that same month due to health concerns. The concert also occasionally received negative reviews from critics.

But for the finale concert, all four members were back and energetic, showcasing their live vocal skills as a veteran girl group.

Blackpink performed a total of 22 songs during the encore concert. At the end of the two-hour show neared its end, the members each shared their thoughts on the tour.

“It really feels like yesterday when Jennie cried during our first concert [in 2018], so to stand during this last moment of our second world tour, years after that day, really feels bizarre,” Rosé said. “While this is the end [of the tour], it feels like it will last for an eternity.”

“To Blinks, it’s been 2,596 days since we first met you guys,” Lisa said as she read through the memo she wrote on her phone. “I wrote it on my phone so I wouldn't forget what I wanted to say. Thank you for supporting us no matter what the weather is like outside […] thank you for staying with me through my 20s.”

And Jennie added: “It has been an eventful year for us as we spent a lot of time on the plane. It’s also been seven years since our debut […] and I’m glad to have a finale in Seoul.”

The “Born Pink” tour has already brought Blackpink many “first” and “most” titles. It also became the first girl group to hold a concert at the Gocheok Sky Dome, Korea’s largest indoor arena.

But for this record-setting girl group that celebrates its seventh anniversary this year, one big question remains – the members are yet to confirm renewing their future contracts with their agency.