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Starting September 11, more than 300 artworks by leading and emerging names from the UAE and around the world will come together under the theme ‘Tolerence’, to celebrate the UAE’s Year of Tolerance. Putogether by 2XL Furniture and Home Decor at its store in Jumeirah, the exhibition will showcase radically different artworks from various artists side by side, exemplifying their intercultural connections, say organisers.

“We have received an overwhelming response to the exhibition not just from local artists but also from artists living in other parts of the world. What’s remarkable is many artists will be coming all the way from places as far away as Brazil, Ecuador, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India and Iran to participate in the show,” says Amit Yadav, the head of marketing at 2XL Furniture and Home Decor.

Nine of the artists to be featured spoke to Gulf News tabloid! about the pieces they’ve chosen to display and why.

Rashid Al Mulla from the UAE

Rashid Al Mulla
Rashid Al Mulla Image Credit: Supplied

“My new collection is inspired by Charles Darwin’s book ‘The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animals’. Each painting dives into the different chapters of the book, illustrating different physical expressions. I was inspired by the book and lived in its world for a moment. I wanted to recreate this world through the artistic style of lines and colours, and let the viewer live in it too, for a moment.”

Sukaina Bo-Abbas from Kuwait

Sukaina Bo-Abbas.
Sukaina Bo-Abbas. Image Credit: Supplied

“Art has always been an aspect that was rooted deep within me. I simply found pleasure in visiting a different world, where I could bring creativity to life. As my passion grew, I quickly realised that Art was not solely for my pleasure, yet a way to communicate with people’s unspoken emotions. A talent that should not be deserted. I worked day and night on pieces, failed and succeeded. Ending up with a Degree in Marketing and a Minor in Art, from Kansas state University. Since my work is mostly inspired by emotions ‘The Year of Tolerance’ was a perfect fit. I chose pieces that would capture several perspectives of tolerance. Beauty, pain, damage, strength and evolution.”

Reem Alsubiy from Saudi Arabia

Reem Alsubly
Reem Alsubiy Image Credit: Supplied

“We all know that love and understanding are the most important and powerful aspects of communication. From the beginning of time the human race witnessed war and hate in many forms, and they also have their share of love and peace. The fact that humans has been faced by the same problem can’t be ignored, yet there will always be hunger and desire for peace.

“The ladies in my theme are caring different kinds of species, some of them are more dangerous and stronger, others are weaker and more vulnerable. In my theme I’m focusing on the idea that differences between creatures wouldn’t be an obstacle for them to live peacefully, only if they were raised in peace. My duty as an artist is to stand strong holding the message of peace, delivering peace from my heart to other people’s hearts. I believe that whatever comes from the heart will always find its way to hearts.”

Azade Adlparvar from Iran

Passion Of Existence by Azade Adlparvar from Iran-1568033224765

“Freely opening our hearts to look at paintings is powerful enough for the penetration of an artist’s emotions and perceptions. This means coexistence, resilience and tolerance. This is the miracle of art to heal our souls and make us more flexible human beings to accept, and to understand the phenomena from the point of view of others, and enjoy life.”

Cristina Polo from France

Eva by Cristina Polo-1568033233305

“My work is figurative and inspired by people. The inner beauty of a person, or the touching/moving expression of an emotion inspire me. Sculpture is very organic in a way. I believe art leads to tolerance: you see through the shell of people despite who they are, where they come from. There is no need to understand a piece to be moved.”

Julia Smolenkova from Russia

Toledo Spain by Julia Smolenkova from Russia-1568033214709

“City is the main hero of my paintings. When I came to Dubai for the first time, I admired the artistic image of this place. I was struck by the city itself and its unique colour and light, which you can find only here. Every moment the city looks differently and gives me new artistic impulses. This is a city of movement and development.”

Emma Skinner from the United Kingdom

Emma Skinner - 2-1568033231328

“Oceans and the diverse life within them are my greatest inspiration. But, globally, we are destroying the ecosystem through over-fishing, climate change and our over-consumption of plastics that ultimately end up in the sea. We must show greater tolerance, consider the impact of our actions and make mindful choices each day. I hope to ignite environmental awareness; every small change counts.”

Roberto Raad from Brazil

Emotions by Roberto Raad-1568033228803

“The year of tolerance inspires my creativity in contrast to the dramatic events happening around the globe today and I am proud to be part of this great initiative.”

Jose Luis Barros Chaparro from Mexico

Jose Luis Barros Chaparro' painting.
Jose Luis Barros Chaparro's painting. Image Credit: Supplied

There is a vibe which occurs when I paint. It’s always there during the full process and is precisely what I want to share to the beholder; such vibration is when conscience arise and dictates to me what needs to be painted. That is the mission to perform and to be accomplished once the idea emerge until the very last stroke when I’am signing the finished artwork."


The details

What: Year of Tolerance Art Exhibition by 2XL Furniture & Home Decor

Where: 2XL Furniture & Home Decor store on Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah, Dubai

When: From September 11 to 14

Timings: Daily 10am to 10pm and on Friday from 2.30pm to 11pm

Entry is free.