Anwar Maqsood (right) and Zia Mohyeddin during a press conference at Pakistan auditorium in Dubai. Image Credit: Atiq-Ur-Rehman/Gulf News

Dubai: Prominent Pakistanis Anwar Maqsood and Zia Mohyeddin, known for their accomplishments in Urdu literature and language, are speaking in Dubai on Friday night during an event dedicated to Urdu.

The invitation-only event, titled Ek Shaam Urdu Adab ke Naam (A Night Dedicated to Urdu Literature), will take place at 8pm at the newly-built Pakistani Auditorium, on the premises of Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) in Oud Metha.

Mohyeddin, known for his oratory skills, will read out classics from Urdu literature, while Maqsood will deliver a presentation in his typical satirical style that has won him many fans. He will also translate a Punjabi performance into Urdu.

They were both in town on Thursday for a press conference at PAD premises about the event, which is now sold out.

They said it was very important to keep classical Urdu alive as much of the rich culture of the Indian subcontinent, intellectual thought, and refined manners are connected to the body of literature penned by prominent authors.

Get-togethers devoted to classical Urdu, known for its sophistication in both prose and poetry, were once common in India and Pakistan but its prominence and relevance has dwindled over the past decades.

Maqsood said “People who have money are not interested [in Urdu]; people who are interested have no money” for prominent books in Urdu that have become more expensive today.

Mohyeddin added that if parents educate children at home about the value of Urdu, it will lead to a resurgence and revival of not only the language and literature, but also the culture associated with it.

Mohyeddin also took the opportunity to introduce his new book, The God of My Idolatry, which will be released in Pakistan at a later stage. The book is an account of his personal experiences.