Global Village introduces the unique flavours and culture of Algeria for the first time. Visitors can look forward to Algerian folk performances. Image Credit: Courtesy: Organiser

Dubai: Global Village is for the first time hosting the Algerian Pavilion, which has 20 stalls offering traditional food, fashion, jewellery, carpets, a museum, live shows and much more.

Many of the stalls will feature new products every month. The museum, set up in the pavilion’s centre, will educate visitors about Algeria’s culture and history.

Algerian folk performances from different regions of the North African country will be held, and will change every four weeks.

Global Village runs from November to April every year. Entry tickets are Dh15 per person.

The first group of performers are representatives of the Tawareq people from the large Berber ethnic confederation found in the south of Algeria. They are performing the Tagest, a typical dance of the region that is performed while seated.

Doha Al Obaid, the manager of the pavilion, said: “We are really excited to have the opportunity to showcase the rich and diverse history of Algeria, enabling guests to experience and become immersed in centuries of Algerian culture. We are also looking forward to encouraging repeat visitors as the ministry-approved shops will have different products on display and sale every month, creating a refreshing experience on a regular basis.”

Algerian artisans are also participating with their works. Mohammad Ameen Al Omari is showcasing his paintings made using 3D techniques with materials such as sand and leather.

Meanwhile, 82-year-old Algerian Sayed Boghara, who has spent a lifetime hand weaving carpets with the help of his wife and his four daughters in Algeria, is also showcasing his creations.

Guests will be able to see the world-renowned traditional Tlemcen bridal dress, called the “chedda”, which is being displayed in the pavilion museum. The dress is the first dress ever to be registered on the Unesco Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Global Village is open from 4pm-12am Saturday-Wednesday and 4pm-1am Thursday-Friday and on public holidays.