Sharjah: A 90- year old Emirati woman will compete with her 50 grandchildren in one of the Quran memorization competitions in Khorfakkan, Arabic dailies reported today.

Fatima Mohammad Ali will participate in the competition by memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran. Her participation is considered first of its kind in the world.

Fatima joined Al Hassawi Holy Quran Award in 2001 since the Establishment of Quran and Sunnah Award in Sharjah.

Ahmad Mosa, one of her grandchildren, said she has been taking part in the competition despite her illiteracy, as she listens to cassettes and gets help from her other grandchildren.

Fatima walks 700 metres everyday to get to the mosque, where the memorization takes place and refuses to be dropped by anyone.

The Al Hassawi Holy Quran Award has prepared a special honouring ceremony for Fatima at the end of the competition.