Adel Emam
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Egyptian veteran star Adel Emam, 81, is still alive and in good health, putting an end to all rumours about his death.

The news of his good health was confirmed by Ashraf Zaki, President of the Acting Professions Syndicate in Egypt, who denied the false stories being shared widely on social media that the comedy actor had died. Zaki confirmed that Emam was indeed in good health and comfotable at his home.

According to the Egyptian newspaper ‘Al Watan’, news of Emam’s death had been trending on social media platforms following several false reports that his health had deteriorated.

Producer Issam Emam, Adel Emam’s brother, also denounced the repeated rumours about his sibling’s death, stressing that his family and grandchildren were badly affected by these stories. He added his famous brother was even gearing up to return to screen with something big.

Emam is without a doubt Arab cinema’s biggest star who has ruled the screens for 50 years, and despite transitioning from comedies to dramas in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, his films continued to be money spinners at the box office.

Such is his fan following that every move of his is closely monitored by Middle Eastern media, some getting more trigger happy than others to announce him dead.

Emam first came to attention as one of the main characters in the theatrical production ‘Madrasat El Mushaghebeen’ (‘Juvenile School’) in 1973, and then confirmed his status as the region’s top comedic talent with another play, ‘Shahed Mashafsh Haga’ (The Witness Who Saw Nothing) in 1976.

He followed those towering works with several other theatrical productions and, increasingly, with cinematic releases that mixed his gift for comedy with more dramatic storylines.

Some of his most famous films include ‘Al Irhab Wal Kabab’ (‘Terrorism and Kebab’) and ‘El Safara Fil Amara’ (‘The Embassy in the Building’), and over the last decade, he has also been drawn towards television productions.