Atinirmal G. Pagarani, Managing Director, Yogi Group Image Credit: Supplied

The Yogi Group enjoys an incredible legacy. What is the secret behind its success?

My parents and our Guru instilled one virtue in my mind – hard work and an undying faith in God pave the way to success! With this mantra planted in the DNA of every member of the Yogi Group, we’ve witnessed tremendous success over the years.

Yes, success is often measured in numbers and customer satisfaction and naturally, those have always been key focus points for us. However, we believe that, at its core, the people are the lifeblood of any organisation and hence, an equally critical measure of our success lies in workforce satisfaction.

GRC Works done by the Yogi Group (Emirates Contracting Company) Image Credit: Supplied

How diversified is the group’s business portfolio?

Yogi Group started out as a property management firm over four decades ago. Our diversification strategy has been all about business integration: both backward and lateral. The group has expanded into construction, trading of building materials, facilities management, GRC/GRP works, manufacturing, sale and rental of scaffolding, labour supply, sale and rental of power generation units and more. We’ve tapped into the fashion space with Vesimi – our multi-designer fashion store in Dubai, and with a sales office in Mumbai that offers a personal shopping experience to customers.

Are there any expansion plans for the group?

Our growth in the UAE and in India has made us market leaders in our business segments in these countries. Focusing on global expansion, we are also enjoying incredible growth in business in Africa, Kazakhstan and Australia as well as other Middle Eastern countries.

Why did you decide to move into the fashion industry with Vesimi?

Vesimi, which completes ten successful years soon, is a story of my passion and is inspired by all the lovely ladies in my life. It’s been over 20 years now that I’ve been procuring fashion for my family and friends, which has been complimented. Dubai loves Indian fashion but there was limited exposure here. Vesimi was born out of the vision to bridge that gap and provide an international platform to talented Indian designers.

How is the group cementing cultural relations between India and the UAE?

The Yogi Group was engaged by the government of India to work on India’s Statue of Unity in Gujarat, as well as a museum based on Mahatma Gandhi, which the Indian government is gifting to the country of Niger. Furthermore, my father and pioneer of the Yogi Group, Ghanshyam J. Pagarani, is currently president of the Indian Association of Dubai and a trustee for the new Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi. During Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s term, we have seen relations between both nations growing ever stronger, and this enables us to carry on our mission to bring the rich culture of India to the Middle East and vice versa.