Dubai Municipality is preparing for the completion of the installation of both the vertical frames and the glass bridge (the horizontal leg of Dubai Frame) Image Credit: Supplied
Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality on Wednesday conducted an inspection tour of the Dubai Frame project to check its work progress.
He was briefed that about 85 per cent of the project work has been completed so far.
Lootah was accompanied by Eng. Dawood Al Hajri, Assistant Director General for Engineering and Planning Sector, Eng. Mohamed Noor Mashroom, Director of General Projects Department and a number of departmental directors and officials and engineers in charge of the companies executing the Dubai Frame project. 
Lootah stressed on the need to speed up the completion of the project, and told that the Municipality is keen on accomplishing the project at the earliest possible time in the best way suitable for Dubai’s prestigious status among the cities of the world. 
“The interior works of this unique landmark project is underway," he said. "We have taken into account the ease of movement and flexibility in design to accommodate future developments in the building. The internal and external finishes and coatings for the building are of high-quality. Upon completion the building will become an iconic symbol added to an array of landmarks in Dubai such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and other iconic buildings of the emirate,” he said. 
Lootah added that Dubai Municipality is keen to showcase the project located in Zabeel Park as a distinctive landmark of the Emirate of Dubai that highlights the beautiful image of the city and as an elegant building befitting the reputation and prestige of the emirate of Dubai.
“This project is an aesthetic icon and an architectural landmark that culturally connects the past with the present, ultimately becoming a tourist attraction for the visitors and residents,” he said.
Dubai Municipality is preparing for the completion of the installation of both the vertical frames and the glass bridge (the horizontal leg of Dubai Frame), which is expected to offer visitors a unique feel as if they are walking on high altitude, and the idea behind it is to make the visitor enjoy the sights of Dubai 360 degrees.
The frame will tell the story of the evolution of the city and display all information about her past and present through the use of the latest technological means that suits the comprehensive urban boom taking place in the emirate.
Work on the project is at its final stages as the main work has been completed and only the finishing touches to the frame have been remaining. The interior decoration work and exterior cladding of the building is going on in full swing with a high quality.
The Frame will have interior spaces on the ground floor (the horizontal rib bottom of the frame) as an  exhibition or “Gallery” and Museum, which displays the details of old Dubai in pictures and with the latest technologies, and how the city evolved since the sixties and how it is  now.
The ground floor will also have a souvenir shop.
The ground floor ends at the main panoramic elevator to go up through the rib of the Frame to get to the top floor, which is the horizontal upper rib, where visitors can see the actual Dubai, not through the images and documentaries, but, the visitor can see through the modern Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa, major marine projects, large shopping malls, and metropolitan streets. When the visitor turns to the other side he can see the old Dubai, Deira and Karama areas, and once he gets tired of enjoying the view of the general locations he can take a break in the cafe, and then come down through a panoramic elevator located on the other side. 
The choice of Zabeel Park to implement the project is considered a successful and distinctive choice, as it is one of the major parks built in the city using the most sophisticated technology with facilities and services that distinguish it significantly from other parks.