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Dubai: In line with its commitment to upholding transparency and clarity standards across the UAE tax system, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has issued the Taxpayer Charter, an official document that outlines and offers detailed definitions for a set of key rights and obligations for taxpayers in the country.

The Charter forms part of the Authority's efforts to raise taxpayers' awareness of their rights and obligations and ensure self-compliance with tax regulations.

The Taxpayer Charter outlines a set of rights for taxpayers in the UAE tax system, noting that they have the right to fair, professional, and respectful treatment by the FTA and its staff; consistent application of relevant tax legislation; privacy and confidentiality; and consideration of the facts and circumstances affecting them when dealing with the Authority.

Moreover, taxpayers have the right to expect responsiveness from the Federal Tax Authority to their requests, to obtain accurate and reliable information from the FTA to help meet their obligations, to be represented by a listed Tax Agent or appointed legal representative, to appeal an FTA decision, and to submit complaints about the services provided by the Authority.

The Taxpayer Charter forms part of the FTA's efforts to raise taxpayers' awareness about all aspects of the UAE tax system. These efforts include a series of awareness campaigns and workshops led by FTA experts across all emirates, as well as various manuals, guidelines, and Public Clarifications published on the FTA's official website, among others.

Khalid Ali Al Bustani, FTA Director General, said: "The FTA is dedicated to fulfilling all aspects of its role as the government body tasked with upholding transparency and clarity standards across the UAE tax system and ensuring the seamless and effective implementation of the UAE tax system and all relevant laws and regulations."

"Introducing the official Taxpayer Charter is a significant step towards achieving this objective, as it outlines the main obligations taxpayers must fulfil to ensure compliance with tax laws while also educating them about their rights," Al Bustani added.