Unpatched devices are vulnerable to attacks that could allow unauthorized access to your device or data theft. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Following the discovery of security flaws in major flagship models, Samsung released updates that address these vulnerabilities and protect user data. These updates include patches from Google's latest Android Security Bulletin and additional fixes from Samsung itself.

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The UAE Cyber Security Council has recommended users update their Android devices to the latest version.

In a statement issued on social media, the Cyber Security Council noted that these vulnerabilities were found in major flagship models. The update includes patches from Google's Android Security Bulletin for July 2024 and additional fixes from Samsung. These vulnerabilities could potentially allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to a device or steal data.

Samsung has also issued disclaimers regarding the updates, including:

  • Regular OS upgrades may cause delays to planned security updates. However, users can rest assured that the OS upgrades will include up-to-date security patches when delivered.
  • While Samsung is striving to deliver security patches as quickly as possible to all applicable models, the delivery time may vary depending on regions and models.
  • Some patches from chipset vendors (Device Specific patches) may not be included in the current security update package. They will be included in upcoming security update packages as soon as they are ready.