The SWAN app was launched in 2019 Image Credit: Supplied

In our modern fast-paced world, with a pandemic creating different challenges, life in the UAE has become a little harder than usual. Lockdown had us wondering how we could do the simplest things like fill our pantries and get our water delivered on time.

However, during times of great stress and need rises the ability to create something new, something innovative, and something that will change the way we live our lives long after Covid-19 becomes a distant memory. Lockdown had us converting luxury to the norm. We went from asking “why should we shop online when we could just go to the store”, to being thankful that these brilliant minds in the UAE came up with SWAN.

A personalised shopping experience

Born in 2019, SWAN went from the little e-commerce app that “could”, to the little e-commerce app that “did” make your grocery shopping experience as hassle-free as possible. SWAN just didn’t promise to deliver our groceries, it gave us the taste of a personalised shopping experience to ensure that the products

we choose, are the ones we really “want” in our cart. Like a masked hero in our lives, the SWAN app helped us survive lockdown and made sure we had nothing to worry about in the worst of situations. However, what happened after lockdown was even more amazing.

The ease with which we were all able to make sure we got our groceries made us crave the same type of comfort and, well, we trusted the process! Why, in the UAE of all places, should we waste any of our time doing anything less than extraordinary. Even now that life has slowly been creeping back to normal,

SWAN has maintained its regular active users. How, you might ask. Because it just makes sense! Why spend an hour and a half doing something that could be done in five minutes on your phone? Why pay full price for groceries when you could get 15 per cent off your first order on the SWAN app, plus exclusive deals on your favourite items. Why drive to Union Coop, Abu Dhabi Coop, or Al Ain Coop, when they can come to you.

If living in the UAE meant anything, it would mean doing things the better way, and everything is better with SWAN.

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