Serco Lab
Make those opinions matter. The Serco ExperienceLab will be using the data collected to improve on the services. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Residents will soon be able to share their opinion - instantly - on the quality of service they have just received through touchscreens placed at vantage points across Dubai. These will be similar to the ones passengers come across at Dubai International Airport, and where they rate the experiences while they were checking in or out.

The data thus collected can come in handy to better the future experience of residents and visitors alike.

“When looking at touchpoint screens across the city people engage with - from arriving at an airport, to shopping in the malls, to using public transport - the customer experience is vital to how we feel about a service,” said Phil Malem, CEO of Serco M.E..

“And in turn, our perception of that service. A bad customer experience can significantly impact our views towards a service or product, even if the end result was to our expectation.” (Serco is already using such insights for Dubai Airports.)

Putting that data to use

Now, to create patterns out of all the sentiments shared through these touchpoints, Serco is launching an “ExperienceLab” in Dubai. Clients will get to know “first-hand how data and behavioural insights can be harnessed to help transform a customer’s experience when they interact with a service or product,” said Malem.

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“We can then use this insight to tweak and change products and services as needed, so that we are directly supporting a customer’s wants and needs.

“Whatever public service or product may be interacted with - whether it’s for a patient, visitor, student or resident - it’s vital to deliver world-class customer experiences. Failure to do so will completely change the way a person thinks about their service.”

“We need to bring together an understanding of people, data and assets to understand what makes a stand-out experience.”

So, want to make a point? Just head to a touchscreen near you.