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The immigration counters at the newly inaugurated Terminal 3 of IGI Airport being readied to welcome the passengers in New Delhi PTI Image Credit: Ajo, Amrit, Saurav

Dubai: As the UAE gears up for the winter break, the Indian Consulate in Dubai has provided a detailed explanation on the conditions and procedures for for India-bound Emiratis to avail the newly launched Visa-On-Arrival (VOA).

The step-by-step explanation comes in response to queries by Gulf News on how exactly VOA will facilitate Emiratis travelling to India for various reasons, including business, tourism, conferences and medical purposes.

Consul General of India in Dubai Vipual said: “I am happy that the Government of India has extended the VOA scheme to UAE nationals. It is important to note that the scheme has been extended by India only to three countries so far, namely Japan, South Korea and the UAE.”

He said the move is in keeping with the close strategic partnership between the UAE and India.

“It should help thousands of UAE nationals who visit India annually for tourism, business and medical purposes.”

He said the consulate issued more than 18,000 visas this year, of which around 5,700 were issued to UAE nationals.

“In addition, almost 15,000 e-visas are issued to people in the UAE every quarter.”

The mission, however, has started witnessing a dip in the number e-visa applications after the VoA scheme was announced on November 17.

VoA are being provided to Emiratis only at six designated international airports namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.


Acccording to the Indian Consulate, the VoA scheme is subject to the following conditions:

1. It is applicable only for UAE nationals who have earlier obtained e-visa or regular/paper visa to India at least once.

2. UAE nationals who are visiting India for the first time, including children, are not eligible for VoA. They must apply for e-Visa or regular/paper visa.

3. Pakistan-origin UAE nationals will not be eligible for the VoA scheme.

4. VoA can be granted to a UAE national who is visiting India for a period not exceeding 60 days for business, tourism, conference and medical purposes.

5. It is not granted to those who have a residence or occupation in India

6. The passport of Emiratis seeking VoA must have at least six months’ validity at the time of making an application for VoA.

7. The applicant has to carry the passport on which his/her first visa was stamped.

8. Separate rules apply for UAE diplomats or UAE nationals holding UN passports.

9. VOA will be valid for entry and stay in India within the period of its validity subject to the conditions specified.

10. The immigration officer may grant a double entry VOA valid up to 60 days.

11. A fee of Rs2,000 or equivalent in foreign currency per passenger (including children) will be charged from each UAE national for the grant of VOA.

12. For a double entry, a VoA can be used again within the validity of the visa.

13. For the second entry, any of the six designated international airports can be used subject to the conditions specified by the VoA officer.

14. For a double entry VoA, payment is not required on second entry if it is used again within the validity of visa.


1. UAE nationals would be required to fill an application form (

2. It is advisable to download it, print it out, fill it and present the same to the visa officer at visa counter on arrival.

3. The applicants also have the option to fill the form on arrival. The format of the physical form is also available at the airline on board the flight.

4. Applicants with the physical form should approach the “Visa Counter”.

5. After checking the eligibility criteria, the visa granting officer would put a “SCRUTINISED” stamp on the physical application form.

6. The applicant would then be directed for payment of fee.

7. After payment of fee, UAE nationals should approach the Immigration Counter wherein biometric/ image capturing is done and payment details verified/ stored.

8. The immigration officer then collects the disembarkation card and stamps the passport with the VoA.