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'Shopping' for a car assumes an exalted level of experience - especially when it involves an AMG super-performance vehicle from Mercedes. (Image used for illustrative purposes.) Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Gargash Group sure did go away from the tried and tested track in launching the world’s first standalone showroom for the high-performance AMG brand from Mercedes.

The dealership for Dubai and northern emirates, Gargash has located the showroom at City Walk, the shopping destination on Al Wasl Road and known more for its high-end fashion and accessories outlets as well as F&B options. As for the car displays, there will be four maximum in-store and another one for delivery.

But setting the AMG showroom at City Walk is in many ways fitting. Automotive retail too is changing, and the massive showrooms with multiple model displays of the past are giving way to more boutique locations.

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At the City walk location, AMG will have its cars as well as the brand merchandise that sets its apart. “The launch of our first standalone AMG Store with its unique lifestyle format is a significant addition to our well-developed UAE network offering an exclusive brand experience to AMG lovers,” said Shehab M. Gargash, Managing Director and Group CEO of Gargash Group, which, incidentally, is one of the world’s top dealers for the Merc brand.

It’s different at the top

In the UAE and elsewhere, the high/super-performance automotive brands have been going about changing the entire design and architecture of how a showroom should look and feel. What’s definitely out are showrooms filled with multiple models crowding the floor. These days, it is all about the 'experience'.

Kay Pagenkopf, AMG’s Senior Manager for Retail and Brand Experience, states this is about offering up “performance luxury”. “AMG is reaching out to new customers and the brand will in time be known for luxury as it is for performance,” he said. “That’s the intention with bringing the showroom right into the city. This is a full-fledged showroom, have no doubt about that.”

Let’s not forget the cafe

At the AMG facility, visitors can have an espresso or a bite on a delicacy, before or after checking out a car and its specs. This is what Gargash means by serving up ‘hybrid retail’ – and with no half measures.

"This opening helps us expand our well-developed network in the UAE even further, not only offering an exclusive brand experience to AMG lovers, but also helping customers closely interact with our top-end line-up,” said Matthias Lührs, Head – Region Overseas of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

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They do sell other merchandise too - the 'hybrid-retail' concept comes to UAE's automotive retail space in a big way. Image Credit: Supplied