Dubai:, a recruitment agency, is looking for a buyer after five years of linking employees with employers at its Dubai offices.

Nofel Izz, managing director, said the outfit has been put up for sale in search of a larger entity that can take the success of the company to a larger audience.

"My reason for looking for an investor in Dubai is because our site's target audience is predominantly residents of here," Izz told Gulf News.

"We want to sell this venture to someone who would be able to understand the principles of the company and will be able to take it to a heightened success."

After working on his MBA in Canada, Izz first incorporated in 2002 and three years later opened offices in Dubai.

"Now we have an office in India, Dubai [relocating to the free zone] and Canada," he said. " employs 27 staff most of which are located in India and Canada with only the sales staff present in Dubai."

Izz said the company was making money in Dubai where demand for expatriate expertise and labour continued to draw workers from around the world, although to a lesser extent than in boom times.

"The company has been profitable for the past many years as it only caters to companies in Dubai, but also has specialised paid services such as professional networking, profile search ranking, picture CV snap shot and more," he said. "Gross annual revenue tops $2 million and will only get better as the Qatar markets open up. We also own the domain and have rights to and are looking to expand out there too along with our new investors."

Izz said the world econ-omic crisis did push recruitment requests and subsequent job offers in Dubai downward but said that the emirate was rebounding.

"When recession came in, definitely like all other companies, we were worried about the downturn and how it may affect us. On a relative scale we were affected, too, as we saw lesser job postings although the number was insignificant because our major partners who are with us have a strong standing, and still were hiring for various positions. Today there is a greater influx of job seekers, and because of our other services offered online it has helped us be stable overall."

On its website, Jobs in Dubai said that its clients had "immediate access and detailed information regarding suitable candidates, allowing them to view an array of resumes at the tips of their fingers on demand".

The company said Jobs in Dubai also offered picture profiles of candidates and the company's own social networking tool "to connect with HR Managers directly, find out who is hiring for which positions, and connect with industry experts working in your field".