Sergey Kosenko's Habibi Real Estate already has struck a $6 million deal for units in Business Bay. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A social media influencer is trying his hand at selling/marketing property in Dubai – and he’s launched a company to get started.

Sergey Kosenko, with a claimed 5.9 million followers on Instagram, is behind the newly created ‘Habibi Real Estate’ and which has an initial property investment portfolio of $50 million.

Kosenko has made a start with deals valued at $6 million, with two properties in Business Bay. With Dubai continuing to record a sustained influx of new property buyers, new businesses that sell or manage these assets have come in their wake.

This is where Kosenko’s name recognition could help. A blogger as well, his profile has been built over Instagram, going by the follower numbers.

In this Kosenko’s taken a rather different approach to his use of social media and marketing property. There are other popular Dubai-based influencers – but they had already made their mark in property and then ventured into adding another dimension to their – potential – customer approach.

Habibi Real Estate has entered agreements with multiple developers in Dubai, including with Omniyat and Select Group for their Opus Residences and Six Senses Residences, respectively.

Still being creative

Kosenko is in the ‘final stages’ of preparing new content showcasing Dubai as the best place for work, live and relax. And be creative as well. These videos will include talks with ‘artists and innovators, as well as influencers, stars and business persons, who will narrate their experiences and stories about Dubai’.