Danube has regional aspirations for its 'made in UAE' A1-designated aluminium composite panels. Building projects will be a key end-users for these panels. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Add that extra bit of protection against fire hazards.

The first A1-rated 'aluminium composite panel’ approved for use by governments has been launched. Because of their composition, these ‘A1 Alucopanels’ will not contribute to a fire spreading in case of such accidents.

“Alucopanel is a UAE home-grown brand and it's all made in the UAE” said Rizwan Sajan, Chairman of Danube Group and the manufacturer of the panels. “It is a UAE trademark registered brand and carries the UAE brand identity.”

Danube operates its production facility in Jebel Ali.

Fire-related hazards have been one issue that developers, residents and insurers been confronted with over the years. This is what Danube hopes to arrest with the launch of locally made A1 panels. Image Credit: Supplied

The A1 benchmark represents a “significant improvement” from the existing A2 ACPs.

Based on performance, ACPs are classified as A1, A2, B, C, D, E and F. A1 being the highest rating signifying non-combustible materials. The A1 rating validates a product’s non-combustible nature.

“Architects, designers, consultants, structural engineers, developers and contractors now have a choice to change the building industry by recommending - and installing - the highest fire-retardant non-combustible A1 ACPs in building façades,” said Sajan.

"This will significantly improve the fire safety record of buildings and structures covered by A1 ACPs.”

  1. The Danube 'Alucopanel A1' received its product certification on September 30, 2020.
  2. It received the external wall facade system certification on December 17, 2020 and obtained Dubai Civil Defence approval on January 3, 2021. This makes it the world's first civil defence-approved 'external wall façade system' having Euroclass A1 core ACP.