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Burj Dubai: Best of YouTube

From base jumping of the world's tallest tower to a quirky visit to the premises, we bring you a selection of the best YouTube videos on Burj Dubai

Image Credit: YouTube screen grab
A screengrab from the YouTube video 'On top of Burj Dubai's spire'
Property Weekly

View from the top:

Voice quivering and hand-shaking, one brave man made it to the top of the Burj Dubai spire and filmed it for all to see. The result (although shaky and out of focus) is quite spectacular. See for yourself. Caution: if heights make you queasy, this video might not be for you thanks to the very obvious wobbling and gravity-defying views.

This incredible video
from the brave people at ImreDubai (which now requires you to log in) shows an even better view from the current highest point in the sky  - Burj Dubai's spire. 

Window cleaning:

What exactly does it take to clean the tallest tower in the world? A couple ropes, some harnesses and a whole lot of will power. Not a job for the faint-hearted, I'm afraid.

Look before you leap: 

Two men took the plunge - literally - by base-jumping off the world's highest tower and landing in a bit of hot water. Both were arrested and fined for their illegal (but gutsy) attempt. Still makes for quite a thrilling video though.


Lightning strikes:

Consider this equation: tall tower plus thunderstorm equals electrifying experience. See it to believe it.

Teddy bear trip:

In perhaps one of the quirkiest and most amusing clips out there, this video follows the adventure of Teddy as he (or she?) makes its way through the Burj Dubai construction site.



From a piece of desert to an architectural masterpiece, experience the evolution from land into skycraper in this animated videos.


Site visit:

See this video for a sneak-peak of what's in store. Still very much a work-in-progress at the time this video was made, but thrilling nonetheless. 


Six years are condensed into thirty seconds in this timelapse taken by Samsung, the engineers behind the Burj Dubai.  


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