It’s one of those irresistible dishes that’s become a comfort food across nationalities – biryani. According to Prem Kumar, founder, and Vijith, managing partner of Bhai Kadai Biryani restaurant in Dubai, preparing biryani can be overwhelming to some because of the many ingredients and lengthy process, but cooking delicious biryani is really about keeping things simple and straight to the point. This is the same philosophy, say Prem and Vijith, that has made Bhai Kadai Biryani a favourite foodie destination in the local restaurant scene.

“Bhai Kadai Biryani boasts a unique and authentic taste which makes it different from others. The reason for this unique taste is our own homemade masalas and ingredients,” explains Prem, who has established a presence in the hospitality industry, having opened many well-known restaurants in Dubai. Apart from homemade masalas, Bhai Kadai Biryani uses only the freshest ingredients, such as fresh meat, farm-fresh poultry and the best-quality vegetables and rice, are used in preparing the biryani, which is also served with a brinjal gravy and raita, a yogurt-based side dish.

Prem Kumar of Bhai Kadai Biryani

It’s also about the little things that they do that help make their dish taste amazing and make the guest experience meaningful. “We commit to making every small detail count, and customers appreciate that,” says Vijith. “A big reason for our growth is the customers’ support, which has always been there. We have loyal customers from different nationalities and coming from different areas in Dubai. We take pride that people from diverse backgrounds and cultures appreciate our food.”

Bhai Kadai Biryani opened its first branch in Karama on July 12, 2018, and the distinctive aroma and flavour quickly gained a wide following within the neighbourhood and even from residents all over Dubai. Building on the strong positive response, the restaurant quickly jumped on the growth path; exactly a year after its launch, Bhai Kadai Biryani opened a new branch in Discovery Gardens.

And for its third anniversary, Bhai Kadai Biryani will celebrate the occasion with the opening of a third branch and a biryani factory in Al Quoz Industrial Area 1. The facility will cover 4,000 sq ft and will be used to prepare a much broader variety of cuisines that will include Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and continental dishes.

“The idea behind the biryani factory is to give the same quality and consistency to all our outlets, including new ones that will be launched in the near future,” says Prem. “This will ensure the taste and quality of the food will not be compromised.”