Basing the storage silos and processing plants at Khalifa Ports will give competitive and logistical advantages. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: Khalifa Ports will host a grain storage and processing plant, with Anchorage Investment as the builder and managed by National Feed, one of the largest agro-commodity processors in Abu Dhabi.

This follows a 50-year land-lease agreement between Abu Dhabi Ports and Anchorage. To be developed on a 100,000 square metre plot, it will have an initial design capacity of 300,000 metric tonnes. The facility will introduce grain storage and processing capabilities to the port for the production of food and animal feed ingredients.

The facility will utilise grain resources to convert wheat into flour for baked goods, corn into starch and glucose, barley, corn, and wheat by-products into animal feed. The venture should also be seen in the wider context of Abu Dhabi beefing up its food security needs.

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Multiple silos

Saif Al Mazrouei, Head of Ports Cluster at Abu Dhabi Ports, said: “Furthering the capabilities of our multi-purpose port and bolstering our ongoing activities within the region’s food supply chain, the operation will introduce several key advantages for the benefit of new and existing manufacturing customers. Our clients will be able to source ready-made, competitive products quickly.”

The official handover of the land plot is set for this quarter. The project will house several grain silos capable of storing grain for an extended period, providing Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE with a long-term storage solution contributing to national food security.