Image Credit: instagram.com/sondos_aq

The life of an influencer looks wonderful. Who wouldn’t want to have a job taking pictures of yourself in glorious settings holding fabulous products? Companies love them too, because - let’s face it – influencers aren’t likely to bite the hands that feed them.

But what happens when an influencer starts making controversial statements. Last week social media star Sondos Alqattan criticized Kuwaiti labour laws, sparking a hot backlash with many angry viewer calling for a boycott of the products that sponsor her. Since then five companies, all of them international, have suspended or ended their relationship with the blogger, but local Gulf-based companies seem to be sticking with Alqattan.

We bring Alex Malouf, a local media expert, on the show to talk about the incident and tell us what companies need to know about influencers, before they go rogue.