Dubai Chamber has set up a leadership team to focus on policy and come up with findings that matter to businesses. Image Credit: Dubai Chamber Twitter Account

Dubai: The Dubai Chambers will have 100 specialized business groups under its umbrella by end March, as part of a strategy to offer tailor-made services to the business community and support the growth of various sectors of the economy.

“Our aim is to allow various business groups, which were previously quite broad, to specialize in their specific needs and distinguish between the specific requirements that sub-sectors within sectors would require,” said Faisal Juma Khalfan Belhoul, Vice-Chairman of Dubai Chambers. “Therefore, not diminishing the needs of all the players of our economy.”

In addition, Dubai Chambers has launched a range of digital technologies to enable business groups to tap into the info they need to communicate their key requirements back to it. These tools will allow businesses to act, evaluate, and understand the challenges and opportunities linked to their sectors, and to communicate them to the Chamber for advocacy with the government.

Dubai Chambers’ digital transformation strategy journey will help the organization to be more efficient in managing information and managing the process, while also providing other services, including access to the necessary laws to facilitate business growth.

Belhoul emphasised the importance of being close to business leaders in order to succeed. A team has been created exclusively focused on dealing with policy advocacy and research related to issues that matter most to the business community.

Business advocacy

A Business Advocacy sector, according to Maha Al Gergawi, Executive Director of Business Advocacy, was launched with the aim to represent all vital sectors in the Dubai economy. The sector will also focus on increasing the number of country-specific councils to boost trade and create new channels of economic cooperation for Dubai.

"This will allow the business community through councils and groups to engage more in the legislative process, on policy, and also take a more proactive approach to do business better in Dubai and the UAE," said Al Gergawi.

Business sector platform

The business sectors platform will host Dubai Chambers' new bundle of services for business groups and business councils, and will provide administrative support including coordination. Dubai Chambers will also offer venues and meeting rooms to business groups free of charge, and members will receive a toolkit that includes all the manuals and guidelines they need to set up and operate effectively.

There is also a suite of online solutions to streamline operations. The cloud-based service includes 40 enterprise-level applications that offer CRM and sales, membership, finance operations and marketing among other offerings.

More to follow...