M42’s Gen AI solution can help medical professionals and speed up the process of delivering care. That’s the premise for Med42. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Want to know details about any medical condition? Let AI, or more precisely, Generative AI help you.

The UAE healthcare firm M42 – a joint venture between Mubadala Health and G42 Healthcare – developed a ‘clinical’ version of the Large Language Model (which is the core of Generative AI). The new solution, Med42, will provide ‘high quality’ answers to short- and long-form questions in the medical ream. (This is the second LLM from the G42 group, having earlier delivered the 'Jais' Arabic enabled one.)

The free-to-use Med42 solution comes with 'appropriate controls'.

Med42 demonstrates the UAE’s prominent standing in the global Generative AI space. We are grateful for the support from the Abu Dhabi Department of Health and Abu Dhabi’s wider technology ecosystem

- Hasan Jasem Al Nowais of M42

How Med42 can help out

The company says this would help in clinical decision-making, by acting as an ‘AI assistant for healthcare professionals’.

The model can even help develop personalized treatment plans by ‘analyzing a patient's medical history’ to identify the best course of treatment.

Other use cases include helping doctors access insights at a much faster rate, aid pharmacists decide on dosages, and support scientists studying treatment options to review literature efficiently.

Accessing Med42

It's is available for download on Hugging Face, which will allow for 'widespread testing, review, and assessment by the scientific and developer community'.

The solution is licensed on terms 'similar to Meta’s Llama 2 model'. It comes free for non-commercial use and research – with 'appropriate controls on use, given the obvious risks that could arise when deploying AI in a healthcare context'.

UAE's AI ambitions
The UAE government and private sector enterprises have been quick on the draw in creating AI solutions that could be put to everyday uses. The stated aim is to create many of the still emergent technology in-country where possible.
This is why the Med42 rollout assumes such vital importance, more so as the development was led by the team at M42.

In-house build up

It was developed by M42’s Abu Dhabi-based team and fine-tuned with Cerebras through Core42, a G42 owned entity focused on enabling the delivery of AI and enterprise AI programs. (A team from Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) evaluated the accuracy of the model.)

“The unique combination of M42’s healthcare expertise and medical technologies allows us to contribute to the future of AI in healthcare,” said Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Managing Director and Group CEO of M42. “A future where AI is accessible to all while being rooted in ethics and prioritizing the safety of users.”

Expanding the Cerebras alliance
M42's parent entity G42 has a deep partnership going with Cerebras Systems. Apart from the Med42, the alliance is showing results on other fronts too.

"Our collaboration has already delivered Condor Galaxy 1, the largest AI supercomputer in the world, as well as Jais, the leading Arabic LLM, to the community," said Andrew Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Cerebras. "Today, we helped bring another state-of-the-art LLM to the world, Med42, with huge benefits for the healthcare landscape.”