5G technology
Good to go... UAE expects to have full country-wide coverage of 5G services by 2025. But the first clients are already signing up for super-speed services. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The first 5G-leased line has been taken out in the UAE, with China State Construction Engineering Corp. being the customer.

Corporate clients are to be the biggest user base for these ultra-speed networks as coverage widens and tariffs get traction. The first leased line was drawn by du, and guarantees high-speed download and upload speeds as well as provides “users with complete control, ensuring an uninterrupted and enhanced user experience,” du said in a statement.

“With futuristic infrastructure in place and the service strong enough to support enterprise needs – CSCEC M.E. will now have fast, reliable, and improved connectivity they can rely on,” said Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Technology Officer, du.

The Dubai-headquartered telco is planning to implement several proof-of-concepts of the 5G leased line for enterprises in the near future.

What does a 'leased line' entail?
One of the key features is 'dedicated access services' which the telecom networks can be equipped with, to provide high-speed connections to areas where fiber networks are not available. It is also useful in mobility application cases and in scenarios where faster service provisioning is required.