Across global markets, telecom services are moving to voice delivered over 5G. The e&-Vodafone alliance plan to cash in on this. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As part of their recently struck alliance, UK's Vodafone has combined with e& to provide other telecom operators with 'fully managed' voice solutions and support their international voice traffic requirements. The two entities will also help meet the escalating demand for voice over 4G/5G (VoLTE) services.

VoLTE adoption could increase to over 70 per cent of global mobile connections by 2030, based on industry trend forecasts by GSMA. "This trend is fuelled by (telecom) operators switching off legacy networks in favour of 5G and the need to provide end-users with consistently reliable trans-border managed voice services," a statement from e& said.

“Managing cross-border voice is increasingly complex due to new regulations, providing protection against international scams, and the need to migrate to 5G services," said Ninian Wilson, CEO of Vodafone Procurement and Connectivity. "Operators are seeking trusted partners to navigate these changes, while growing their businesses.

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Operators sourcing these services from Vodafone and e& 'can be assured of predictable costs' (irrespctive of the region they are in) as well as 'optimised inbound revenues and streamlined regulatory compliance'. The integration of services will be through a cloud-based architecture.

"Vodafone’s strategic partnership with e& offers them a single point of contact and a dependable service globally during this transition to support them in managing changing business complexities,” said Wilson.

It was October 2023 that the two entities detailed how they will 'jointly market, sell and service businesses and public sector organisations in support of their digital transformations'.

Nabil Baccouche, Group Chief Carrier & Wholesale Officer, e&, said: “Working together, e& and Vodafone grant operators’ easy access to our combined skills and worldwide presence, enabling them to provide cutting-edge voice services.